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Caroline Hayes HS, RMS - British Miniature Painter

I was trained as a pianist, studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. After I finished college, I joined the BBC where I worked in program planning for Radio 3. I spent five years as assistant administrator of the Brighton Festival, before retiring [early] from full time work and moving to Winchester. This left time to rediscover my interest in painting. I discovered miniature art initially through a study of calligraphy. I have been very much influenced by the Moghul miniature painters of India, the illuminators of the Winchester Bible, and the creators of the Disney animated features. I like my pictures to tell a story and aim to get both movement and light into my painting.

In the last few years I have made annual trips to Russia in order to attend workshops on icon painting, and the painting of lacquer miniatures.

Watercolor and raised gold leaf on vellum
2.5 x 2.5ins (6 x 6cm)
The Queen of Sheba's hairy legs
The Queen of Sheba's Hairy Legs
Watercolor and raised gold leaf on vellum
2.5 x 2.5ins (6 x 6cm)
Christ Pancreator icon
Christ Pancreator Icon
Egg tempera on gesso
Painted under instruction by Evgeny Grachev in Kholui
The Cheshire cat
The Cheshire Cat
Watercolor on polymin
2.48 x 3.23ins (6.3 x 8.2cm)
The lady and the unicorn 1
The Lady and the Unicorn 1
Oil on polymin
2.56 x 3.27ins (6.5 x 8.3cm)
The lady and the unicorn 2
The Lady and the Unicorn 2
Oil on polymin
2.56 x 3.54ins (6.5 x 9cm)

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