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Phillippa Tremlett HS, RMS - British Miniature Painter

Phillippa was born in Highbury, North London, and as a child suffered ill health and was consequently sent to an open air school. Here very few lessons were taught and she passed most of her eighteen-month stay sewing dolls clothes and drawing and painting.

On leaving school in the sixties she worked as a dressmaker for the Royal Opera House making ballet costumes. From here she went on to work as a fashion illustrator in a Haute Couture House, and then on to sketching and helping with design in other rag trade businesses.

Phillippa joined the RAF in the late sixties and worked for air traffic control at RAF Northolt (A military airport near London) on the master flight planning display for Queens Flight.

On her marriage in the seventies she moved to Lincolnshire and there worked in the garment industry making bridal gowns. She became a sample hand and then left the factory to start her own dressmaking and design business for private clients.

In the late eighties Phillippa suffered a stroke due to a heart defect. While recovering from heart surgery she took up drawing and painting again as therapy. Not content with just splashing paint about, she became interested in miniatures as the highest form of brush control that she could think of.

Today, Phillippa paints "Frogs to Make you Smile" in the hope of increasing awareness of these delightful creatures as their habitat becomes increasingly eroded.

She has been an exhibiting artist with the Hilliard Society now for four years and in 1997 won the Llewellyn-Alexander award for the high standard of her work at the Hilliard Society's annual exhibition. In 1998 she was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Miniature Society.

Her interests are music, reading, gardening, her dog Honey, ecological issues, Christianity, birds, part-time teaching miniature painting in Adult Education classes, and the hilly countryside around her home at the southern end of the Lincoln Edge.

miniature painting: Calm sea and Gentle Breezea!
Calm Sea and Gentle Breezes!
2.25 x 1.75ins [5.9 x 4.5cm]
Watercolor and acrylic on vellum

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