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June Blyth ARMS, HS - British Miniaturist and Silhouettist [Deceased]

June was trained as an illustrator and worked as a freelance artist on a wide range of subjects. She travelled and exhibited widely including periods of residency in the Middle East and the USA.

June took up miniature painting after reading an article on the subject. In 1990, inspired by the work of Michael Pierce and the late Marcelle Shears, she began to paint silhouettes. June completed silhouette commissions for Harrods, the Bath Museum of Costume, and several TV companies and was commissioned through the Hilliard Society to paint profiles of T.E. Laurence and Thomas and Florence Hardy for a special commemorative exhibition in Dorchester Museum. She died in March 2015.

miniature silhouette: English Dandy 1775 by June Blyth
"An English Dandy"
3.38 x 2.63ins [8.59 x 6.68cm]
Gouache on CS 10 Frisk board
Miniature silhouette: Victorian Lady by June Blyth
"Victorian Lady"
3.5 x 5ins [8.89 x 12.7cm]
Gouache on CS 10 Frisk board
Miniature silhouette: Lady 1780 by June Blyth
"Lady 1780"
3.125ins [7.9cm]
Gouache on CS 10 Frisk board
Miniature silhouette: Lady with umbrella by June Blyth
"Lady with Umbrella"
4 x 3ins [10.16 x 7.62cm]
Gouache on CS 10 Frisk board

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