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Commander Geoff Hunt HS, MAA, RMS, RN - British Miniature Painter [Deceased]

Geoff Hunt spent nearly forty years in the Royal Navy as both seaman and fighter pilot. He painted throughout this period, mainly marine and aeronautical subjects, and started miniature work shortly before leaving the Service in 1988.

His fascination remained essentially with the sea in its many moods, and with portraying the subtle effects of light, wind and tide upon it. His subjects ranged from " Walls of Oak" (those ponderous, stately ships of the line), to fleet and graceful clippers and racing yachts of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

His battle and ocean racing scenes were researched with great care, deriving detail from contemporary pictures and prints, and basing ship dispositions on more reliable information from eyewitness accounts and from tactical maps. The resulting authenticity and accuracy enhanced his artistry, appealing as much to the seafarer as to the art collector.

Geoff Hunt was Past President of the Hilliard Society, a member of the Royal Miniature Society and Miniature Art Society of Florida, and a Miniature Artist of America. He died on 23rd August 2008.

Miniature painting: Agamemnon and FS Ca ira
HMS 'Agamemnon' (Captain Nelson) and FS' ÇaIra'
4.25 x 5.75ins [10.8 x 14.6cm]
Acrylic on board
Miniature painting: l'Orinet blowing up at Thenile
'L'Orinet' Blowing up at the Nile
4.25 x 5.75ins [10.8 x 14.6cm]
Acrylic on board
Miniature painting: HMS Success and FS Genereux
HMS 'Success' and FS 'Genéreux'
4.25 x 5.75ins [10.8 x 14.6cm]
Acrylic on board

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