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Dianna Goodwin [formerly Diane Pavitt] HS, SLm - British Miniature Painter

Stemming from a lifelong enjoyment of art, Dianna developed a true passion for miniatures. She is a self-taught artist with a preference for painting both in detail and with great precision.

Her miniatures are usually executed in watercolour, sometimes with an embellishment of gouache, on an ivorine or polymin base. The technique she employs excludes all forms of magnification except perhaps towards the end when adding fine finishing touches.

She prefers portraiture but covers other subjects too. These have in the past included French themes whilst living in Provence; she has since returned to live by the sea in Southern England.

Her work has been represented through The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers, The Hilliard Society, The Society of Limners, and The Société des Artistes en Miniatures et Arts Précieux. Paintings have been exhibited throughout the UK, and in France, the U.S.A, and Tasmania. Works are in collections internationally.

A former editor of the Hilliard Society's newsletter, her portraits have won 1st and 2nd awards in exhibition. Commissions are sometimes taken; Dianna prefers to work from photographs, supplemented with additional colour notes and references.

miniature portrait of Queen Mary 1st of England
Queen Mary I - Bloody Mary, first Queen of England
[after Hans Eworth c.1520-74]
Watercolor and gouache on Polymin
4.75 x 6.25ins [12 x 15.8cm]
miniature portrait of Sir Winston Churchill by Diane Pavitt
Sir Winston Churchill
Watercolor on ivorine
4 x 3ins [10 x 7.6cm]

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