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Iain Traill-Stevenson HS, SLm- British Miniature Painter

Iain has been interested in art since he was a child, when he discovered a talent for making models out of soap. This talent was later put to use in designing and making plaques, and model animals and birds for Minerva Fine Arts, whilst pursuing a career in the motor industry.

It was his late wife who encouraged Iain to try painting in miniature, and, after reading Sue Burton's book on the techniques of miniature painting, he was hooked!

Iain had immediate success, winning the British Miniature Society rose bowl at the first exhibition of his miniatures in 1996.

Iain works in watercolor, acrylic and oils. He prefers landscapes but also delights in painting fruit in still life, working from sketches or photographs.

Iain accepts commissions and can work from photographs of locations or of animals.

Iain, who lives in Yorkshire, has paintings in private collections in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy and France, and has illustrated a book on Northumbria as well as illustrations for the Dalesman publication. He has exhibited in the Channel Islands, France, and Oregon, USA.

Iain is a member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, the Society of Limners, and the Miniature Art Society of Florida

Miniature painting: Lakeside by Iain Traill-Stevenson
3.94 x 3.35ins [10 x 8.5cm]
Watercolor on ivorine
Miniature painting: Autumn by Iain Traill-Stevenson
3.35 x 1.97ins [8.5 x 5cm]
Watercolor on card
Miniature painting: Still life by Iain Traill-Stevenson
Still Life
2.64ins [6.7cm]
Watercolor on card

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