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John Rae - British Miniature Painter

John Rae trained originally as an architect and has lectured in both the UK and in many countries abroad, including much of Australasia, Canada, Africa and Scandinavia. He has also worked as a town planner, winning a competition for the redevelopment of the central area of Dumbarton. He has worked with the renowned architect Maxwell Fry on projects in West Africa and India.

John studied painting with Lyons-Wilson and sculpture with Willi Soukop. He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and has written an illustrated children's book "The Hedgers", and published a "Sketchbook of the World"

John does not accept commissions at this time.

Learning: miniature painting by John Rae
1.77 x 2.78ins [4.5 x 7cm]
Watercolor, gouache and PVA
The Hug: miniature painting by John Rae
The Hug
2.78 x 1.18[7 x 3cm]
Watercolor, gouache and PVA

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