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Andrew Gott ARMS, HS - American Miniaturist

Andrew Gott is a Miniature artist currently living in Florida. Working as a Merchant Marine officer by trade, he first became interested in miniature art after he first visited the MASF exhibition in Florida in 2005. Intrigued by the complexity and detail of the works on display, he decided to give miniature work a try, and it quickly became his specialty.

Andrew works in a variety of media, but the majority of his miniature work is done in graphite, in a size of six square inches or less. His subject matter is broad, ranging from animals, to landscapes & cityscapes, portraiture, and just about everything in between.

He has been displaying his work publicly for about a year, and is viewable in various shows throughout the United States and the U.K. In that time, his work has received various awards and honors. His work is owned and enjoyed by collectors in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

"The thing that I enjoy most about miniature art, beyond the actual challenge of creating it, is the joy of displaying it. When someone sees a fine miniature hanging on a wall they are drawn in. They step up to it, to take a closer look. Their close inspection is rewarded by the discovery of the tiny details that otherwise would have been missed. More often than not, they will be hooked."

Figure I
Graphite on film
2.56 x 2.56ins [6.5 x 6.5cm]
Miniature picture by Andrew Gott
Escarabajo Roto
Graphite on film
1.97 x 2.95ins [5 x7.5cm]
Miniature picture by Andrew Gott
Guatemalan Taxi
Graphite on film
1.30 x 1.97ins [3.3 x 5cm]
Miniature picture by Andrew Gott
Among the Trillium
Graphite on film
1.77 x 1.77ins [4.5 x 4.5cm]

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