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Skadi Becker ARMS HS S.Lm - German Miniature Painter

Skadi Becker Skadi came from Germany to live in England in 1991 and currently lives in Berkshire. Having always had a keen interest in miniatures, she became aware of the Hilliard Society when she attended a miniature painting exhibition in Bath in 1997. There she discovered that artists were still active in this form of painting, received information and advice on contemporary methods used, and decided to try painting miniatures herself. This was a real challenge as she had never held a paintbrush in her hand before.

Skadi first decided to concentrate on portraits, but has since broadened her interests by adding subjects such as landscapes and animals. Skadi paints in watercolor on ivorine and is available for commissions.

You can see Skadi's work at the following annual exhibitions: Hilliard Society, Royal Miniature Society and the Limners Society in the UK, and the Miniature Art Society of Florida in the US.

In 2009 Skadi was interviewed for the March/April edition of Antiques Diary, posted HERE with their kind permission.

Miniature painting by Skadi Becker: The Fishmonger
The Fishmonger
Watercolor on ivorine
4.3 x 4.3ins (11 x 11cm) (including frame)
Miniature painting by Skadi Becker: The Fisherman
The Fisherman
Watercolor on ivorine
4.8 x 5.5ins (12.3 x 14cm) (including frame)
Miniature painting by Skadi Becker: Painting Lady [after M.D.Villiers]
Painting Lady [after M.D.Villiers]
Watercolor on ivorine
3.3 x 4.3ins (8.4 x 11cm) (including frame)

More about Skadi Becker Online:
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